Summertime in Hampshire

The UK threw away more than 7 million mattresses in 2017, the vast majority of which went straight to landfill, It’s not just a British problem mattresses are a global environmental problem. According to the National Bed Federation (NBF), only about 20% of mattresses are recycled, one reason is the springs within the mattress make it difficult for machines to handle making the process expensive and open to unscrupulous alternative activities. 

At Multibends we take the environment very seriously, we consider the throw away short lifespan mattress to be unacceptable. We believe the ultimate environmental statement is to supply our customers with a mattress that lasts the lifetime of its owner.

Occasionally a customer will ask for a mattress to be refreshed, any fillings replaced are recycled in an environmentally positive way.  A Multibends mattress will never be sent to landfill. A Multibends mattress is free from synthetic materials and toxic chemicals.

Organic Lambswool

Lambswool is environmentally friendly. The lambs grow back their fleece annually, so it can be shorn every year. Being biodegradable, it naturally decomposes in soil, releasing precious nutrients. Multibends does not treat the lambs wool it is used in its natural condition. Wool presents a sustainable, renewable and an all-round environmentally friendly alternative in the production of compost.


Horsehair is made from long strands of horse mane & tail and used in only in the best quality upholstery, horsehair is a natural waste fibre, fully sustainable, which is very strong and just does not wear out over time. Horses are not killed or harmed during collection of hair, their hair cut is part of a horses’ routine care.

Organic Cotton

Cotton is sustainable, renewable, and biodegradable, making it an acceptable choice as an environmentally friendly fibre throughout its life cycle.
Organically produced cotton (unlike non-organic) does not use harmful hazardous synthetic pesticides and fertilisers which can damage ecosystems and poison waterways. By looking after the earth, farmers are able to grow healthy and resilient cotton crops without causing environmental damage to their surroundings. Conventionally produced cotton (non -organic) alone is responsible for 16% of all insecticides sold worldwide. At Multibends we only use 100% organic cottons. When composted organic cotton can decompose in a few weeks.

Managed Woodland

Multibends use only locally supplied red wood timber that is 100% sustainably sourced and FSC Certified. Choosing to buy FSC certified wood products means buying wood products with a clear conscience in terms of its origins and the sustainability based on environmentally sound credentials.

Redwood Timber Sustainability Sourced