We focus on being one of the worlds finest manufacturers of high end luxury beds & mattresses. Manufacturing to uncompromised standards, using best handmade practises, we seek to provide our customers with the very best sleep experience possible.


Meet The Team

Bespoke, custom made beds & mattresses start with a made to size consultation.


Robin commenced his bed making career back in 1986, when his father-in-law handed him responsibility for the day-to-day running of Multibends. When you first call Multibends, you will be introduced to Robin who will make sure you get the necessary practical advice on your ideal bed.

Every handmade bed & mattress involves the expertise of a skilled seamstress.


Muriel provides the first essential role in the bed making process. A skilled seamstress, Muriel prepares the fabric, measuring, cutting and sewing. Trusted with some of the most luxurious fabrics, Muriel’s expertise is on display with every bed we produce.

Bed & mattress manufacturing using natural, british materials to make highend luxury beds & mattresses.


25 years working at Mutlibends has provided a depth of knowledge that enables Kevin to transfer the unique needs of the customer into a mattress that delivers 100% satisfaction. Many of Kevin’s methods date back to the early days of Multibends, with some fine tuning to produce the best mattresses we consider possible.

Luxury highend beds, upholstered often using the finest natural English fabrics available.


Our customers trust us with some of the finest fabrics money can buy, and Anthony is focused on crafting them into desirable beds. A highly experienced, time served upholsterer, Anthony works to the very highest standards, whether it be a new bed, sofa, or the restoration of a historic piece of furniture.

Bed frames made to size using very best techniques, the finished bed frame is robust and guaranteed to last the lifetime of its owner.


Carl works to the highest standards needed to build the finest most robust framework. Multibends provides the best guarantees possible, and Carl’s workmanship is the very reason we can guarantee our frames for the lifetime of their owners.


We are privileged to work for some of the world’s most respected interior designers.

Our Beds are located in some of the most desirable locations imaginable.
Palacios hotels, castles, stately homes, and some of the most famous locations in the world.