The natural fibres used in a Multibends mattress.
Wild Ponies on the Moors

The use of horsehair in bedding dates back centuries, and today it is used in only the finest mattresses. Horsehair is naturally springy and unlike alternative materials horsehair does not flatten overtime. The durability of Horsehair provides the basis on which we can provide an outstanding guarantee of longevity. Horsehair when used in a mattress creates a free flow of air around the fibres that enhances ventilation, this in turn helps regulate your body temperature and enables a more comfortable night’s sleep. Horsehair does not appeal to bed mites which means it is naturally hypoallergenic. Horsehair is also naturally fire retardant without the addition of toxic chemicals.

Organic Lambswool Sustainably Sourced
Organic Lambs Wool

Organic wool is cool and warm just when you need it to be, wool has superb temperature regulating qualities. Wool also has excellent wicking qualities, absorbing moisture then releasing it back into the air, leaving your feeling drier for much longer. Wool is also naturally hypoallergenic and fire retardant. Organic Lambs Wool is the ideal fibre to be close to you when you desire an excellent night’s sleep.

Natural Fibre Organic Cotton
Organic Cotton

We use only the finest 100% organic cotton, a quality cotton layer is a natural fibre which can be both cool whilst offering excellent temperature regulating qualities. Organic cotton is both resilient and hardwearing, naturally hypoallergenic and fire retardant.

Vitafill Cotton

An 100% cotton layer is used as a comfort layer directly underneath the ticking material of the mattress. The fine fibres provide a soft and delicate feel and also aid in the uptake of any moisture vapour transmitted by the sleeper. Vitafill is naturally hypoallergenic and fire retardant.